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We love the opportunity to get people thinking about travel as an integral part of the human experience. When we travel, we take our cue from the surroundings and its people. Whether it’s a big city, small town or a tiny village, it’s important to capture the essence of the place and be in harmony with it.

Local Food & Drink

We search and find the best local food and drink in any given town and focus on culinary items that are truly geographically specific to the featured area.


Intrepid Travel

Not only planes, trains and automobiles. We’re scaling rock walls, climbing mountains, biking backroads, ziplining, diving deep and getting up close and personal with nature. See the world from a whole new angle.


Art & Architecture

Art and architecture are the personality of a destination, and they exist everywhere, not just in galleries and museums. Jaunt TV explores works of local artists and masters of architecture and design.


Only In

We find whatever is unique, indigenous, amazing, and exciting, ONLY IN a specific location.



Property Spotlight

JauntTV explores some of the most unique and beautiful properties around the world.



“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”   – Henry Miller

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