Angela Fairhurst


This is Angela. She loves to travel. A woman with long white hair sitting on a swing.

Angela Fairhurst’s love affair with travel began unexpectedly, sparking a lifelong passion for exploration and storytelling. Founding LuxeLavs.com as her initial venture, Angela celebrated the luxury of hotel bathrooms before expanding her vision to JauntTV®.com, capturing experiential travel adventures from around the globe. From remote corners to bustling metropolises, Angela’s wanderlust knows no bounds. She shares her insights and adventures through freelance writing for various outlets, most recently contributing to Green Living Magazine and Southern California Life Magazine. Angela’s boundless energy and insatiable thirst for adventure shine through in every travel story she tells, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of discovery.  Angela loves travel so much she gets antsy if she spends more than a month any one place. Check out @jauntTV  @luxelavs


Our editor Hugo.  Travel crazed!

A man standing in front of a sign.

Hugo Pallete is a seasoned director with a boundless passion for creative storytelling and a zest for travel. With a knack for crafting compelling narratives, Hugo has directed worldwide campaigns for renowned brands such as Tecate Beer, Energizer, and Reebok. His latest project, “The Rise,” for Paramount+, showcases his talent for bringing stories to life on the big screen. Now, as the creative force behind JauntTV®, Hugo channels his love for exploration into captivating travel videos that inspire wanderlust and ignite a sense of adventure in viewers worldwide. His Instagram is @hugopallete



Meet Brandon. Contributor.  He likes to travel too.

Brandon Schultz is a travel and lifestyle writer who still can’t believe his job is to experience the world and tell others about it. He loves everything from luxury resort getaways to couch-surfing adventures, and believes that where you travel is often less important than how you travel. Growth and enrichment are possible everywhere. As The Savvy Traveller, he’s the travel advice columnist for Outpost Magazine, and contributes to many other publications including Fodor’s Forbes, Out Traveler, and Global Traveler. In addition to travel writing, he’s the author of six books, including 2 travel guides. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his partner and their four-legged kids.  Follow him on Instagram @thebrandonalexandr.


This is Haelyn. Yep, another one of us.

Haelyn Lee

Haelyn Lee is a digital nomad, world history geek, foodie, illustrator, and one of our web and photography contributors. After an 11+ year career as an art director in the graphic design and marketing industry, she left the U.S. to pursue her dream of world travel and a life abroad. So far, she has been to 29 different countries and counting. Being a fellow travel aficionado like Angela, she was a natural addition to JauntTV®.  Her Instagram is @HaelynLoves.


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